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Monday, November 12, 2007

Overcome Your URL Aftermath - Drive More Internet Profits To Your Site

Most article marketer's know the value of article marketing, but few really know why or how to get the most out of their article submissions. The reason is because of the many false ideas in the marketplace regarding article marketing. So let me set the record straight on at least one of the biggest false assumptions.

Many article marketers fall prey into believing that one article published in many sites, ezines, and newsletters will benefit them by bringing in lots of traffic. Well, basically this idea is really only partially correct. Yes it does help to get your word out to many places, but there is a big difference between getting the same content out to many places and getting unique content to many places.

As most of us know Google is the king when it comes to search engines. Unfortunately sending the same article to many Websites, ezines, and newsletters will not help you with Google, but actually hurt you in the long run. Why you ask? Becuase of Google's "Duplicate Content Filter". Google's duplicate content filter will screen out multiple versions of your same article and will leave you with a handful of inbound links to your site. Inbound links to your site is a key factor in search engine ranking. The more inbound links, the better your ranking.

There are really only two ways you can fix this "Duplicate Content" problem. One way is you could sit down with a big pot of coffee and enough sandwiches to last you a few days and start writing hundreds of different article so each one is filled with unique content about your same subject! Or, you can use an article submission software that will submit hundreds, and possibly thousands of unique articles for you at the click of your mouse! Did you catch that?! Hundreds and also thousands of unique article for you at the click of your mouse! I don't know about you, but I'd rather save on all the lunchmeat and that coffee happens to keep me up all night.

The strategy behind submitting unique articles with different content is in the software.

Through three different versions of your article it will randomly select paragraphs from those three articles and create a unique article each and every time it submits an article. Can you feel the power?! You can arrive at literally hundreds or thousands of unique article versions depending on the amount of paragrphs your three versions contain. It stops "Duplicate Content" dead in it's tracks, overcoming your URL aftermath!

It has been proven through testing that roughly 300 inbound links to a website shrink to around 16 inbound links after several weeks of submitting the same article to many different sources. By using this awesome article marketing tool you can increase your efectiveness with article submissions by 1875% or 18.75 times more. 300 inbound links will stay at 300 inbound links, not dropping down to 16 inbound links. Google will see your articles as unique and will show them all in your search results. The more results drive more traffic to your site. More traffic to your site drives more sales, and more sales will drive your profits skyward!

This is the most powerful article submission strategy available to increase your overall efffectiveness of all you article marketing campaigns. Now that's a benifit all article marketer's should take notice of.